Ontario is getting closer to freeing the grapes — but we need your help!

To fully free Canadian grapes and uphold the spirit of Bill C-311, we must tell Ontario to open the border and allow you, the consumer, to both bring wine home and order directly from wineries through wine clubs and over the internet.

So far, British Columbia and Manitoba allow inter-provincial wine shipping.  That’s right, a winery in Ontario can ship to BC, but a BC winery can’t ship to Ontario. It also looks like Nova Scotia will soon open its borders to all Canadian wine too. So what is Ontario waiting for?

The good news, is that in September of 2013, Rob Milligan (Northumberland – Quinte West), introduced Bill 98, Inter-Provincial Importation of Wine, Beer and Spirits Act, 2013. If passed, this bill would open Ontario’s borders to direct wine shipment and delivery from wineries across Canada (click here to see Bill 98).  Wouldn’t it be nice to buy that special wine you tasted in Nova Scotia on vacation last year? Or, try that bottle of BC wine you read about in the paper? Together, we can make it happen!

What can you do? Send a message to your Ontario politicians today!

First, contact your MPP (find out who your provincial representative is here) and send them a letter. Download the sample letter and remember to copy Premier Kathleen Wynne and Finance Minister, Charles Sousa (their emails are in the sample letter).

Tips for your letter:

  • Make it yours. It makes a difference if you add some personal comments.
  • A mailed letter will have the most impact. You can also send the letter by email.
  • If you get a response, please let us know what they said.
  • Share your letter with your friends and encourage them to write too.

Engage in Social Media

Most politicians have some presence on social media these days, and they really do pay attention to what voters are saying. To help you find your representatives, check out PoliTwitter, which lists Canadian politicians on Twitter and Facebook.

Sample tweet:  Do you support the free flow of wine across provincial borders, @Kathleen_Wynne and #freemygrapes?

Don’t be afraid to send multiple tweets to your representatives either.