Free My Grapes provides links to articles that foster debate on inter-provincial, winery-to-consumer sales and shipment of Canadian wine. These articles represent the authors’ views and not that of Free My Grapes.

May 5/17 Beer case gives Supreme Court a chance to correct past mistakes, The Toronto Star

May 4/17 Supreme Court will hear case on interprovincial alcohol purchases, iPolitics

May 4/17 Supreme Court agrees to hear appeal of cross-border booze case, CBC News

May 4/17 New Brunswick cross-border alcohol ruling to go to Supreme Court, Global News

May 4/17 Supreme Court to hear ‘polarizing’ border-beer case, The Globe and Mail

May 4/17 Supreme Court of Canada will consider border booze case, CTV News

April 9/17 Canadian free trade still isn’t what it first seems, Toronto Sun

April 7/17 Forget that out-of-province beer: On booze and most other things, new interprovincial trade deal falls short, Global News

November 29/16 New Brunswick asks Supreme Court to rule on cross-border liquor limits, CBC News

April 30/16 Federal government backs move to liberalize flow of alcohol between provinces, CBC News

September 27/13 MPP Milligan’s “Free My Grapes” Private Member’s Bill Passes Second Reading, Northumberland View

September 26/13 Top Ten Reasons to Free My Grapes, Orchard and Vine

September 24/13 Wynne says she wants to loosen Ontario liquor laws, CTV Toronto

August 6/13 Free the grapes: Over-regulation is souring our wine industry, Montreal Gazette

August 4/13 Ontario Should Put Wine Consumers First,

August 3/13 Inaction on Ontario wine: By not easing restrictions on importing from other provinces, Premier Mom stands against consumers, Toronto Sun

August 2/13 Buying Wines From Other Provinces Still Makes For Sour Grapes, Huffington Post (The Fraser Institute)

July 29, 2013 Open borders for wine urged: move would boost local sector, Winnipeg Free Press

July 29/13 Who wants to limit your choice of wines?, National Post

July 28/13 Ontario should open its borders to Canadian wines: Editorial, Toronto Star

July 26/13Crack open the barriers and let the wine flow free, Ottawa Citizen

July 25/13 Ontario won’t loosen up wine-importing laws any time soon: Wynne, Globe and Mail

July 25/13 B.C. premier brings wine, raising questions about Ontario’s liquor laws, Global News

July 24/13 Sour Grapes Over Wine Rules, CBC The National

July 24/13 Wine trade within Canada still being blocked, CBC News

July 18/13 Okanagan wineries send message in bottles, Penticton Western News (BC)

July 18/13 Wine trade protest in Penticton,

July 18/13 Convoy conveys message of BC wine barriers, Global TV

July 17/13 Dear premiers, it’s time to let Ontarians order B.C. wine, Globe and Mail

July 14/13 Let the wine flow, Kings County News (NS)

July 5/13 Barriers still up to inter-provincial wine sales, CBC Daybreak South

June 30/13 Provincial barriers hamper the flow of domestic wine, Globe and Mail

June 19/13 Wine sales barriers remain, Global Okanagan

Oct 20/12 Allow wineries to ship anywhere in Canada, Vancouver Sun Editorial

Sept 4/12 N.S. to table wine freedom, Paul McLeod, The Chronicle Herald

Aug 7/12 Transport interprovincial de l’alcool: les oenophiles devront attendre by Karyne Duplessis Pichè, La Presse

Jul 30/12 Canada Inches toward Wine Direct Shipping by Robert Taylor, Wine Spectator

Jul 27/12 Wineries still live in fear of liquor control boards by Beppi Crosariol and Adrian Morrow, Globe and Mail

Jul 26/12 New law allows Canadians to transport wine across provincial borders by Gordon Stimmel, Toronto Star

Jul 7/12 Delightfully Direct by Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson, Winnipeg Free Press

Jun 28/12 End of curb on interprovincial shipments welcomed by Bryan Weismiller, Calgary Herald

Jun 22/12 Wine from province to province: Bring it on by Anthony Gismondi (@theSpitter), Special to the Sun, Vancouver Sun

Jun 21/12 Canadians Embrace the Ability to Purchase Wines from Other Provinces, Survey by Harris-Decima

Jun 20/12 Free wine trade is up to each province by Judie Steeves, Kelowna Capital News

Jun 16/12 Wine Shipping Law Reforem About to Pass – Despite Liquor Boards by Mark Hicken,

Jun 12/12 Will Canada’s Berlin Wine Wall Come Down? by Beppi Crosaroil, The Globe and Mail

Jun 12/12 New liquor rules reimpose shipping chill, wineries say by Gordon Hamilton, Vancouver Sun

Jun 7/12 BC putting a cork in the free flow of wine across border, claims vineyard owner, by Cassidy Olivier, The Province

Jun 7/12 House votes to pick up cross border wine bill, by Jason Fekete, Postmedia News (Ottawa Citizen, Vancouver Sun)

May 31/12 Liquor Bill Nearly Flounders Amid Love-Fest Filibuster, Paul McLeod, The Chronicle Herald News

May 30/12 Canadian wines may flow more freely if MPs get their way, by Laura Payton, CBC News (Sudbury)

May 30/12 Proposed changes to wine law back on the table, by Justine Hunter, The Globe and Mail (BC Edition)

May 30/12 Inter Provincial wine sales remain illegal – for now, by Tami Jeanneret, News Talk 610

May 30/12 Battle not brewing over liquor law reforms, federal NDP says, The Canadian Press

May 30/12 Oenophiles cheer as wine-transport bill gets broad support, by Gloria Galloway, The Globe and Mail

May 30/12 Bi-partisan cooperation gives “Free My Grapes” bill a second chance (updated), by Mike Klassen, City Caucus

May 30/12 Bottle battle not brewing says NDP, after Tories claim wine law corked, The Canadian Press

May 30/12 Mistake stalls freer wine trading across Canada, by Judie Steeves, Kelowna Capital News

May 30/12 Free My Grapes get corked then uncorked, The Charles Adler Show, AM 1150

May 30/12 Wine Bill Gets Another Shot, Kelowna, CHBC News

May 25/12 BC Premier Christy Clark: “Free My Grapes”, Vancouver Sun

Apr 16/12 Wine Bill Legislatiing Common Sense, Windsor Star

Apr 9/12 Open Provincial Wine Barriers, Editorial, Ottawa Citizen

Apr 3/12 Free My Grapes. Push to end ban on interprovincial wine sales, News Talk 610 CKTB (St Catharines, ON)

Apr 3/12 Free My Grapes wine lovers tell MPs, News Talk 650 CKOM (Saskatoon, SK)

Apr 3/12 Wine lovers rally against cross border sales ban, Winnipeg

Apr 3/12 Free my grapes: wine lovers testify before MPs on cross border sales ban, Global Edmonton (Canadian Pres) and Brandon Sun

Apr 3/12 Free my grapes, wine lovers tell MPs on cross border sales ban, The Star (Canadian Press)

Apr 3/12 MP wants to pour wine barriers down the drain, Dan Nuetal, Ottawa Citizen (Postmedia News)

Apr 3/12 Free My Grapes! Wine lovers seek to repeal 1928 cross-border ban, Stephanie Levitz, Globe and Mail (Canadian Press)

Apr 3/12 Wine lovers protest provincial border rules, The Canadian Press, CBC News BC

Mar 8/12 Cross-border wine by W. John Switzer, The Winesights Reader

Feb 21/12 LCBO Must Go by Michael Taube, Ottawa Citizen

Feb 8/12 Wine lovers may get BYOB out of province by Paul Mcleod, Herald News

Feb 8/12 Interprovincial trade barriers hurt growth, Canadian Chamber of Commerce says by Peter O’Neil, Post Media News

Feb 5/12 MP Earns Support for bill to end prohibition-era ban on cross-border wine shipments by Peter O’Neil, Post Media News

Jan 1/12 Let the Wine Flow – editorial, Globe and Mail
Dec 27/11 Roasting and Toasting, Reviewing the Wine Trends of 2011, by Beppi Crosariol, Globe and Mail
Dec 21/11 Check out the Twitter discussion on interprovincial wine barriers See
Dec 12/11 Canadian Liquor Economics 101 by Mark Hicken,
Oct 11/11 Dix joins push for wine law changes by Kristi Patton, Pentiction Western News
Oct 4/11 Drive to loosen Canada’s wine barriers takes next step by Don Fraser, St Catharines Standard
Oct 4/11 Reform Process for Wine Shipping Law Begins by Mark Hicken,
Oct 3/11 MP takes aim at wine rules by Josh Rubin, The Star
Oct 2/11 B.C. MP hopes to let wine pour across provincial borders by Susan Lazaruk, Vancouver Province
(also covered in the National Post, Montreal Gazette and Ottawa Citizen)
Sept 20/11 Canadian Chamber of Commerce AGM delegates approve resolution
Improving Consumer Choice: Removing Inter-Provincial Trade Barriers to Sales of
100% Canadian Wine
Sept 16/11 Rule of Law Missed byLiquor Boards on Shipping Issue by Mark Hicken,
Sept 14/11 BC considering ways to relax wine shipment restrictions by Gordon Hamilton, Vancouver Sun
Sept 12/11 Booze barriers coming down by Garth Kauth, Legal Feeds
Sept 10/11 Wineries welcome Ontario move to circumvent archaic law by Gordon Hamilton, Vancouver Sun
Aug 29/11 Wine makers want more access to consumers by Sharon Singleton, Money
Aug 15/11 Shipping Law Update August 2011 by Mark Hicken, Wine Law
Jul 28/11 NPD leader Dix pours pressure on federal wine regulations by Steve Kidd, Penticton Western News
Jul 15/11 BC McRae’s Ag Minister’s agenda report – BC asks other provinces to review their positions on the inter-provincial trade of wine.
Jun 27/11 Provincial Liquor Laws may be Illegal by Derek From, Montreal Gazette
Jun 19/11 Removing barriers on B.C. Wine moves one step closer, Scott Trudeau, Penticton Herald
Jun 9/11 Boundary War by Craig Pinhey, The Coast
Jun 6/11 An Open Message to the Canadian Wine Industry by Terry David Mulligan
May 30/11 Can’t Cross Borders, Mark Galloway interviews Michael Pinkus on CBC Metro Morning
May 27/11 Wine Laws Can Drive You to Despair, by Josh Rubin, The Toronto Star
May 19/11 Bottles without Borders, by Janice Tibbets, Canadian Business
May 19/11 BC’s Liquor Rules Still Sting by Danial Wood,
May 18/11 Lessons from TDM’s shipping law stunt by Mark Hicken,
May 17/11 Remington: Banning online liquor sales is the new prohabition by Robert Remmington, The Calgary Herald
May 14/11 Radio host Mulligan protests provincial liquor laws by Jen Gerson and Lea Storry, The Calgary Herald
May 13/11 DJ carries wine between B.C. and Alberta to flout Prohibition law Bill Graveland, The Canadian Press, reported in
May 13/11 No Whining: DJ Flouts Prohibition-era law Bill Graveland, The Canadian Press, reported on CTV-BC
May 12/11 Wine by Mail, Wendy Elliott, Kings County Advertiser/Register
May 9/11 Feeling the Pain of Canadian Wine Lovers by Vinography a Wine Blog
Apr 30/11 Illegal Wine Transport on the Evening News, CHBC Global News
Apr 29/11 Is Terry David Mulligan going to jail? by Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson, Winnipeg Free Press
Apr 27/11 Broadcaster Terry Mulligan plans to defy ‘outdated’ wine law by Andy Ivens, reprinted in the The Calgary Herald
Apr 26/11 Outlaw Terry David Mulligan plans illegal road trip by Kent Mulgat on CTV BC
Apr 25/11 In the vineyard, fermenting dissent by Rita Trichur, Globe and Mail
Apr 21/11 Rivera: Don’t destroy small vintners, brewers and distillers Relics of Prohibition should crawl back under their rocks by Dick Rivera is president of the American Beverage Institute, Washington Post
Apr 21/11 Burning Down the House by Michael Pinkus, Ontario Wine Review
Apr 20/11 In BC, private wine shops are awesome. Why not here in Ontario? by Rick Van Sickle, Wines in Niagara
Apr 20/11 Extra! Extra! A Wine Crime to Be Committed by Jonathan Wilson,
Apr 12/11 Wine makers hot over Prohibition-era law by Rita Trichur, Globe and Mail
Apr 11/11 The Bloc passes the buck on removing inter-provincial wine barriers. Wine: The Political Football by Robert K. Stephen, The Windsor Square
Apr 8/11 Terry Mulligan willing to go to jail to fight liquor law by, Business in Vancouver (BIV)
Apr 4/11 Canada’s Wine Industry Wants a Vote by Peter Mitham, Wines and Vines
Apr 4/11 Bottles Across Borders by Tim Pawsey at North Shore News
Mar 4/11 Ship, Ship, Hooray! by Labeled @jonathanwil
Mar 4/11 Free My Grapes from Sea to Shining Sea by @Frogspadca, Telegraph Journal
Feb 28/11 Okanagan wine culture slams into prohibition-era law‘A silly thing’ that needs to go’, Vancouver Sun
Feb 18/11 Canadians Love Wine by
Jan 26/11 Uncorked in Calgary features FreeMyGrapes
Jan 21/11 Pressing to sell Niagara wines in Canada (Welland Tribune) Sharon Marks
Jan 16/11 Fighting against ‘outdated’ liquor laws makes the front page of the Ottawa Citizen
Jan 7/11 Plan for Niagara wines in 2011: Drink more Rieslings. Rick VanSickle’s 2011 New Year’s resolutions
Dec 18/10 Merl-Oh Canada Private member’s bill would allow Canadian wine to be shipped between provinces – Winnipeg Free Press by Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson, The Grape Nut
Dec 10/10 Delta Chamber of Commerce takes up Kelowna call for action
Dec 9/10 Kelowna Chamber of Commerce issues call to action to the national Chamber network.
Dec 8/10 Kelowna Chamber of Commerce Supports Grape Campaign
Dec 7/10 There’s a Conservative wine caucus? Apparently. And they’re behind – Edmonton Sun [Important Note: is an independent, non-partisan, grassroots organization representing the interests of wine lovers. Ron Cannan is a supporter. We are happy to work with any elected official that supports our cause.]
Dec 7/10 Buying Canadian Wine? – Similkameen Spotlight
Dec 6/10 Free our Wine, and the rest will follow – Globe and Mail
Dec 3/10 82 year old liquor law under fire – The Province