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Tell your political representatives how you feel about provincial bans on winery direct shipments with a letter, or send a Tweet. We’ve got samples to get you started.

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Provincial Updates

Which provinces allow inter-provincial wine imports for personal use? How much is allowed? Find out if your province is upholding the spirit of Bill C-311 and what you’re legally allowed to do.

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Who We Are

FreeMyGrapes was established in 2010 by wine lovers who believe that Canadians should have easier access to our own wines, and open our provincial borders to shipping.

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Nova Scotia Supports Canadian Wine Consumers

  • June 25, 2015

FreeMyGrapes applauds the Nova Scotia Government for opening their borders to permit inter-provincial wine sales and delivery, and in doing so, supporting stronger consumer demand for both Nova Scotian and

Interprovincial wine woes not over

  • June 9, 2014

Oh my – what a tangled wine web we continue to weave. The interprovincial wine trade mess that we all hoped was en route to being finally brought into the

Did you know?

85% of Canadians view inter-provincial wine barriers as unreasonable.Source: Harris-Decima Survey